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I. Choose the word that has underlined part pronounced differently from the others
1.a. car b. park c. warm d. farm
2.a . kind b. mind c. tired d. miss
3. a. time b. fine c. five d. city
4. a. chair b. school c. couch d. children

II Choose the correct word or pharse:
1/ He is a student ............ Le Loi School.
a. at b. in c. on d.for
2/ The class __________at 7 o”clock in the morning.
a.starts b. start c. end d. ends
3/ __________ are you talking to? – I am talking to my friend, Thanh.
a. Who b. Which c. When d. What
4/ __________ do you go to bed? - At half past ten.
a. What b. When c.Where d. What time
5/ __________ does Nga have history? – On Monday and Tuesday.
a.When b. How long c. How rar d. What time
6/ He look different __________ his father.
a. for b. from c. with d. at
7/ _____________ classes do you have today? – We have four classes.
a. How far b. How much c. How many d. What time
8/ Students have to __________ each day.
a. 20 - minutes break a. 20 - minute break
a. 20 - minute breaks a. 20 - minutes breaks
9/ The United States’ Library of Congress is one of the ___________ libraries in the world.
a. large b. larger c.larger than d. largest
10/ __________ novels are very interesting.
a.That b. These c. This d. There
11/ I keep an English ____________ beside me when I am reading an English book.
a. dictionary b. glasses c. ruler d.clock
12/ Magazines and newspapers are on the __________ in the corner on the right.
a. kitchen b. bathroom c. racks d. refrigerator
13/ She works in a library. She is a _______________
a. worker b. doctor c. farmer d. librarian
14/ Her father is a farmer. He works __________ a farm.
a. in b. on c. at d. to
15/ ____________ does it take from your house to the stadium? – About half an hour.
a. How much b. How many c. How d. How long
16/ Mai learns____________ to use a computer.
a. what b. when c. how d.where
17/ We are____________some experiments.
a. making b. doing c. learning d.studying
18/. My brother is good ____________English.
a. at b. in c. with d. on
19/. All the students enjoy ____________on the weekend.
a. to camp b. camping c. camp d.capms
20/ Does Nam often play marbles____________recess?
a. on b. at c. in d.from
21don’t you come to my house? – OK. Let’s go.
a. Why b. Let c. What d. Which
22/. Nga is ____________a play for the school anniversary celebration.
a. making b. rehearsing c. practicing d.listening
23/ What about ____________Ha Long Bay?
a. to visit b.visit c.visiting d.visits
24/ Would you like ____________badminton?
a. play b. playing c. to play d.plays
III. Choose the best suitable words to complete the passage.
At school we (1) ............ many things. In Literature, we learn (2) ............books and write essays. In History, we study past and present (3) ............in Viet Nam and around the world. In (4) ............, we study
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