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Người gửi: Hải Nguyên Văn (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 15h:35' 01-05-2012
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NĂM HỌC 2011 - 2012
We can eat a large amount_________fresh fruit and vegetable.
A. of B. for C. to D. on
Yesterday, they_________to the movie theater.
A. go B. goes C. went D. are going
She told me not_________late.
A. be B. to be C. being D. to being
She went to without_________anything.
A. say B. to say C. saying D. to saying
The dentist asked him not to forget_________his teeth.
A. brush B. to brush C. brushing D. to brushing
She sings_________.
A. beautiful B. nice C. beautifully D. lovely
Everybody wished_________this activity.
A. keep B. to keep C. keeping D. to keeping
He volunteered_________us all in his car.
A. take B. to take C. taking D. to taking
We can learn more about the undersea world_________this invention.
A. because B. for C. thanks to D. thanks for
The number of participants_________every week.
A. increase B. increases C. is increase D. are increase
I wish_________to the teacher about that.
A. explain B. to explain C. explaining D. to explaining
_________is a person who swims underwater with special equipment.
A. Diver B. Scientist C. Participant D. Cyclist
We are late, thanks to you.
A. because B. because of C. instead D. instead of
He said that he would wait_________me.
A. for B. of C. to D. at
We plan_________at about 3 o’clock.
A. arrive B. to arrive C. arriving D. b &c
He ought to finish his homework before he plays tennis.
A. must B. can C. should D. will
Do you like to take part in our club?
A. play B. go C. join D. get
I am really aware_________the problem.
A. of B. for C. about D. on
I have to finish this question
A. must B. can C. should D. will
They take a walk instead of_________bicycle.
A. take B. to take C. took D. taking
He is learning how_________in the lake.
A. swim B. to swim C. swimming D. to swimming
_________is a person who rides a bicycle.
A. Scientist B. Cyclist C. Member D. Participant
I like listening to rock to music.
A. love B. am interested in C. enjoy D. All are correct
She prefers_________part in sport.
A. take B. to take C. taking D. b & c
That sounds_________to me.
A. good B. well C. badly D. unusually
His mother wanted him_________some bread.
A. buy B. to buy C. buying D. to buying
I’m not busy on Wednesday
A. tired B. late C. at home D. free
We_________ listening to pop music to rock music.
A. like B. hate C. love D. prefer
I will wait for them_________they arrive.
A. after B. for C. when D. until
She going to listen_________the radio.
A. for B. of C. to D. on
_________is a person who watches television.
A. Contestant B. Viewer C. Member D. Worker
TV viewers can_________in some contests.
A. take part B. join C. interested D. a &b
Are you free on Thursdays?
A. busy B. at home C. out D. not busy
In the past, some people watched TV_________the windows.
A. in B. on C. through D. by
We_________friends any more .
A. are B. aren’t C. is D. isn’t
What kinds_________program do you like?
A. of B. from C.
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